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How to choose and Raymond mill

Writer:责任编辑Source:桂林晟兴机械 Date:2016-5-12

Raymond mill to a pulverizing mill introduced from abroad, mainly used for all kinds of mines, all kinds of chemical raw materials and other industries of powder processing is a common milling equipment. Due to the current domestic Raymond mill manufacturers many and Raymond mill type is many, many enterprises in the initial purchase of Raymond mill products, often face the numerous brand of Raymond mill, do not know to choose which good.




Below by guilin sheng xing machinery Raymond mill professional manufacturers summed up exactly how to choice:




Raymond mill according to the different requirements of different types, and the enterprise when selecting a Raymond mill machine into comprehensive consideration factors, combined with the production of the enterprise needs to choose the appropriate Raymond mill, ensure the economic benefits of enterprises. When selected, be sure to clear the scope of its choice, like this only then can choose the more appropriate, you first need to understand what oneself buy Raymond mill grinding material is what? The largest feed particle size is how old? How much finished product granularity is required? (that is, the finished product granularity mesh), as well as to how many production problems; And then according to your requirement to consult several Raymond mill production manufacturers, Raymond mill manufacturer will give you some advice according to your requirement, such as according to your request for you to choose the appropriate model, introduces model parameters in detail, and quotation, etc. Different quality, different price, production capacity is not the same. In choosing a Raymond mill powder machine, therefore, do not covet is cheap, should choose good quality Raymond mill, ensure the quality of production.




As far as possible on the condition permission to plant and process manufacturing enterprises to visit, to know more about the business enterprise product quality, technical level and production workers proficiency, etc. If possible, it is best to let the Raymond mill machine manufacturer to take you to visit their supply customer production site, because the user site is the most convincing and the most authoritative.


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