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Technology innovation excellence Lead guilin sheng xing create high-end grinding equipment

Writer:桂林晟兴雷蒙磨粉机Source:桂林晟兴雷蒙磨粉机厂 Date:2016-8-10

Guilin sheng xing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional Raymond mill powder equipment suppliers and solution providers. Adhering to the "pioneering and innovative, high yield and low consumption, high quality, customer first" corporate purposes, in the past 20 years, guilin sheng xing experience accumulation and precipitation, constantly improve product quality, develop and launch new products.



With the powder to large industrial scale industrial production development, guilin sheng xing positive response to the national energy conservation and environmental protection industry policy. Over the years, guilin sheng xing constantly increase investment in research and development spending, committed to large-scale, high efficiency and low energy flour mill research and development. So far, has won 40 utility model patent certificate, 5 invention patent certificate. The pendulum organ grinder invention patent material into product, after more than a year of continuous testing and improvement of product was a great success. In 2015 the pendulum organ grinder was put into the market, in the actual production of various indicators meet or exceed the design requirements. Due to its outstanding performance, its yield and energy consumption, product quality, environmental protection and so on more than the customer expectations.



The pendulum organ feed mill is not only a combination of Raymond mill, vertical mill, roller mill, the advantages of and in terms of performance showed more prominent advantages:

1. The finished product granularity range: finished product granularity is adjustable between 5-355 microns, the equipment can grinding coarse powder and powder at the same time, to overcome the conventional Raymond mill, roller mill, vertical mill finished product fineness narrow the scope of the defect.

2. The individual output: single machine production capacity is improved, but instead of vertical mill, suitable for all kinds of large-scale powder project, sharply reduce investment cost.

3. Low energy consumption, compared with other grinding device, the machine t energy consumption can be reduced by 40% - 60%, effectively reduce the operation cost. Vertical mill with power state high equipment cost and operation maintenance cost higher shortcomings

4. Good quality finished product: powder narrow particle size distribution, good liquidity, finished product quality can reach the best state.

5. Outside the host USES the hierarchical system, will not result in a material suspension, more suitable for high humidity, small particle size of raw materials such as fly ash, graphite, bentonite, unable to effectively solve the traditional grinding equipment processing mine, after screening the remaining fine sand plant material that a big problem, bring huge benefits for powder production enterprises.



This product is a collection of specialization, function into an organic whole, high output, low energy consumption, low cost, high ratio of new powder processing equipment, can create high-end high quality powder, bring strong market competitiveness. It will change the pattern of domestic long-term dependence on imported high-end powder, lead powder market in China has grown vigorously, the market prospect is very broad.



Guilin sheng xing mechanical wholeheartedly welcome the masses of customers to factory inspection, the consultation telephone: 18807735809 0773-3898966

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