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The preparation of titanium dioxide Raymond mill


Sulfuric acid method is mature production of titanium white production, the use of raw materials for ilmenite or titanium slag. Sulfuric acid production of titanium white is mainly composed of the following several processes: ore preparation; By sulfuric acid decomposition concentrate producing titanium sulfate solution; Solvent cleaning in addition to iron; Due to separation metatitanic acid hydrolysis of titanium sulfate solution; Metatitanic acid calcining tio2 system and operation, etc.

Titanium concentrate grain compared commonly coarse, specific surface area is lesser, acid with sulfuric acid solution of contact area is small, not easily by sulfuric acid decomposition effectively. Before use, therefore, it must be fine grinding, to increase the reaction area, make acidolysis reaction to normal. Kuangfen must not only reach a certain fineness, and narrow and uniform particle size distribution requirements, so as to get a higher rate of acid solution, conform to the requirements of the process of titanium sulfate solution. General mineral powder fineness required for: more than 325 mesh sieve is 1.5% or less. According to the technological requirements of the acid solution, the current market generally use Raymond slow mines, crushing titanium concentrate to a certain size. The following main narrative to the production methods of titanium concentrates as raw material grinding equipment.

Raymond mill is mine, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, refractory materials, nonmetal industries efficient closed-circuit circulation of pulverizing equipment. The equipment in grinding, classification, collection, by the host, analysis and other components of the machine, blower, pipe system, the machine has compact structure. Equipment installation is simple, convenient maintenance, mechanical system cover an area of an area small, low power consumption, simple operation, the user easy to grasp.


Guangxi guilin is one of the largest flour mill production base in China, focusing on the large and medium-sized flour mill production, quality assurance, and quality service, in the industrial mill has a good reputation in the market. Of guilin sheng xing machinery manufacturing co., LTD., in the old type mill based on innovative research and development, has won many national invention patents, launched a series of SXR, pendulum organ grinder, organ material superfine grinding of updated products, such as organ of ultrafine grinding as an international initiative, change the meal and the history of the fine powder require special equipment, this equipment can produce 40-2500 mesh powder (5-355 microns), energy consumption can be reduced by 40% - 60% can give powder enterprises with strong market competitiveness.

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