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  • 产品名称: 10-120 mesh coarse powder mill
  • Product overview:
  • Production capacity:
  • Range of application: Widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical, refractory, cement,

Technical specifications

   Pendulum material organ grinder is to accumulate experience for many years, my company independent research and development of the invention patent technology of the latest generation of super efficient grinding equipment. Invented this equipment for the international products, its unique design, advanced technology, outstanding performance, large-scale, high efficiency and low energy consumption and other characteristics, can meet the national industrial policy and the powder industry to the development trend of large industrial scale production demand, is the choice for large and medium-sized flour mill project.

1、 the pendulum of organ grinder application field

Widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical, refractory, cement, medicine and other industries.


2、the pendulum organ grinder parameter



Feed size (mm)



Roller Size


Roller device (set)

Power of Main Engine (kw)

Power of Air Blower (kw)

Total Power(kw)





























Note:Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product advantage

3、 pendulum organ grinder significant advantages

(1).Host without strong airflow through the internal, will not result in a material suspension, more suitable for high humidity, small particle size of raw materials such as fly ash, graphite, bentonite, etc., effectively solve the traditional mill processing system of mine, after screening the remaining fine sand factory is a big problem, bring huge benefits for powder production enterprises.

(2). The pendulum organ material grinding function is effective to reduce the repeated between the mineral grinding, powder particle size distribution narrow, liquidity is strong, effectively improve the grinding efficiency and product quality.

(3). This equipment can produce 40-2500 mesh powder (5-355 microns), single product variety, change the meal and the history of the fine powder require special equipment, effectively reduce mill use quantity and area, greatly reduce investment cost and artificial cost.

(4). The individual output, energy consumption can be reduced by 40% - 60%, greatly reduced production cost, bring powder enterprise strong market competitiveness, quickly occupy the market, win the profits.

(5). The adjustable pressure system independently, required the grinding pressure can be adjusted according to the product properties and grain size.


4、 10-120 mesh really stone paint raw materials, glass raw material grinding production line in application


SX-8032A pendulum pulverizer organ

Raymond mill

The roll grinding

Hammer broken machine

1. The outside using classification system, adjustable fineness, can control the fineness of finished product according to the demand;

2. The finished product granularity and high classification efficiency.

3. The host inside without strong turbulence, the material is not suspended, high grinding efficiency, single machine production is big, up to 20-60 t/h;

4. significantly reduce energy consumption, can be reduced by 40% - 60%;

5. High utilization rate of raw material, no waste.

6. Using pulse dust removal system, no dust and environmental protection;



Unable to grinding below 100 mesh products

1. The finished material uneven;

2. The finished product, less material waste;

3. The production efficiency is low, the production of small;

4 tons of power consumption, high operation cost.


1. The fineness of finished product is not uniform;

2. The unqualified powder ratio is high, material waste;

3. Material repeated grinding, too much powder, lower productivity;

4. Dust big, pollute the environment.



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