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Service commitment

Good faith, rigorous, accurate, always the pursuit of higher quality, provide customers with high-quality products and perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service is the service tenet of sheng xing company; Mutual benefit and development, social service, is the sheng hing to yet. Sheng xing company to the general new and old customers and support the enterprises of the people from all walks of life for the following service commitment:


A, pre-sale service

1, the company to users in detail information and quality of all products of the company. According to the customer actual demand equipment selection for our customers.

2, to provide users with product technology lectures, including product use and maintenance, assembly, product use technical problems, such as the features, users need to provide services, the company will be the first time, sent the best engineering and technical personnel services to the customers.


Second, the sale service

1, the main users are the company purchase GenZongKa to fill in the user service.

2, new users of the goods within a week by Marketing Department telephone contact customer, ask the goods to the acceptance of the case, including whether the product quality can meet the needs of the customers, the mode of transportation, packing and other requirements of the clients.

3, every new development product, requires people to their arrival, to assist users to install, to introduce the use method and technical requirements.


Third, after-sales service

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